06 June, 2010

Project Red Dress @ Fairmont Olympic Hotel Seattle

I was one of 12 designers for Project Red Dress 2010.
The fashion show was at  Fairmont Olympic Hotel Seattle.
I had to make a red dress within 16 hours. So, all designers had time pressure while they are making garments.
My inspiration for this dress is rose bud. It just before blossoms. It represents a woman's inner strength and beauty.

It was such a great experience and I had a great time working with wonderful people.
If you have any question, please email me :)
Have a wonderful day!!

18 May, 2010

So Fresh, Sew Green, SPU Fashion Group's 3rd Annual Fashion Show

Designer: Jongeun Kim
Models: Carly, Carolyn.
Director: Neenah

I had another fashion show -"So Fresh, Sew Green".
My two designs are made of organic fabric.
If you want to purchase them, you can check this link:
Organic dress

I had two fashion shows this month- Seattle Fashion Week and SPU fashion show.
These great experiences give me more confidence and strength.
I appreciate it and will keep creating gowns to inspire people :)
Have a wonderful day !!

15 May, 2010

My designs for Seattle Fashion Week 2010

It was very special day for me yesterday (May, 14th in 2010).
My Flower Collection on Seattle Fashion Week Runway!! Thankfully many people like my collection. Thank you for supporting me and loving my garments. It was great experience.
Some people may think it is easy to be a designer or it is fun to make a garment, but in reality it is not. It requires lots of your time, thoughts, and money..... but the reason I keep doing this is because I love designing and creating garments so much! I just love it :)
Here is the video from Seattle Fashion Week

    I have one more fashion show coming. It is in June 4th- Project Red Dress.
I will see you there!!!

Seattle Fashion Week 2010- Jongeun Kim

Seattle Fashion Week 2010-Jongeun Kim
 SFW Video

27 April, 2010

Vote for me "Jongeun Kim"- Seamless in Seattle

2010 is incredible and amazing year for me. In January, I started with Seattle Fashion Week Student competition and I am going to have a showcase up to 5-6 garment on runway during Seattle Fashion Week in May :)

In April, my designs are shown online for Seattle Magazine's Seamless in Seattle competition. You can vote- "Which designer is your favorite?"
Please vote for "Jongeun Kim" :) Check this link and see my designs under "Jongeun Kim" photo gallery.
Click this to vote for me!! 

I can definitely see there are many great things happening in Seattle fashion industry year after year like many big and small fashion shows, fashion design competitions and fashion network events. Do you have any events or shows to share with me??

25 April, 2010

Military Look 2010

Military Look coming back this year 2010.
I see military-inspired clothing everywhere these days. From the very high-end (Balmain/Balenciaga) to the more affordable (J.Crew/Ann Taylor/Forever 21), retailers are leading the military inspired clothing.

But, it seems a bit different this year. It is not all bout classic cargo pant or jacket with military details. Military look styling does NOT mean you have to look like "boy". There are a lot of feminine details in it this time.
You can see feminine details in military inspired clothing like lace and sheer fabric with draping.
In terms of silhouette, it is very fit and slim. Also, at the same time you can see oversize coats and interesting proportion.

Burberry Prorsum for fall 2010 ready-to-wear is all about military looks.

This research inspired me to do some interesting project. It is secret, but I will update my small project, regarding of military look asap :)

Pictures: style.com/ vogue march 2010.

22 April, 2010

Flower Scarf

It is very feminine and cute.
It is made of sheer, silk and ribbon.

Designer: Jongeun Kim

Your neck circumference should be no bigger than 14"
Scarf Length: 23"
If you like it please check it out!


16 April, 2010

My 1st flower power collection & fashion show!

Jongeun Kim, Seattle Pacific University
Originally from South Korea, young Ms. Kim studied fine art and was deeply moved by Monet’s colors in French impressionist paintings. She’s inspired to create fairy tales, and her art and painting skills make her different from others in the competition.
 Her “Forever Flower Fairy” collection represents Elegance, Femininity and Romance and brings out a woman’s blossoming beauty. It can be worn at formal or social events.
 Collection is characterized by hand created flowers, pastel tone color, lace and silk.
Designer: Jongeun Kim
Models: Mali, Gina, Jenna, Andrea, and Cheyene.

18 March, 2010


We had (SPU Fashion Group) another photoshoot 2 weeks ago.
Photoshoot is always fun!! It turns out great! Thanks to everyone!!

Blue dress, sleeveless floral print mini dress, and sleeveless white dress with gray flowers are designed by Jongeun Kim.

03 March, 2010

Falcon Newspaper

Senior Jongeun Kim shows her design portfolio. Kim is competing in the Comcast Student Fashion Designer Competition.
Photo credit: SCOTT STRANNIGAN/The Falcon.
Senior succeeding in designing world
By MEGAN LANDIES, Features Writer
Published: March 3, 2010
Many students hope to graduate with at least some internship experience and an amazing resume. However, most students are not able to enter their profession or make a name before they graduate.
On Feb. 11, senior Jongeun Kim competed against 10 other students in the Comcast Student Fashion Designer Competition and qualified for the second round. Winning this competition could determine Kim's career as a distinguished fashion designer.
Seattle Fashion Week spans from May 8 to 15. If Kim wins the Comcast Student Fashion Designer Competition, she will have the opportunity to showcase her line of 15 garments alongside many major designers during the fashion week.
The event attracts over 1,000 attendees; most of whom are buyers, media and industry leaders. The fashion week also gives consumers their first look at emerging trends and gives designers invaluable publicity..............................................
When creating her line, Kim visualized her theme of inspiration.
"I usually spend more time thinking about the concept and design than actually sewing," she said. Although she cares about the quality of the garment, Kim thinks it is the strong and creative ideas that make her line unique.........................

If you want to read more, check this link!
Fashion student enters competition..

Thank you Megan :)

SFW 2010 Comcast student designer competition



This is the video clip of the show :)  Check it out!

01 March, 2010

my mom

This is my mom I drew with Asian watercolor.
When you look at it closer, you can see that I drew her every single hair. I love drawing with Asian watercolor. Oh, Yes. It takes a lot of time because you have to color it over and over again. So, it requires lots of your patience.  

At first, my mom didn't like it because it looks exactly like her...haha. but now she hang it on the wall in the kitchen so that she can see it every day :)

24 February, 2010

Korean Vogue

I never thought traditional Korean dresses could be this beautiful in fashion photographs !
I love those color. I should consider designing traditional Korean dresses sometimes. I remember I used to have one when I was young....but I wonder where it is now..hmmm.

Images from: http://style-files.com/2010/02/02/korean-vogue/

22 February, 2010

Seattle Fashion show (student designers competition) 1st round

Designer: Jongeun Kim
Models: Jenna Arendse(right), Cheyene Birts (left)
I love Jenna and Cheyene so much! They did such a great job! Thank you!!
They are just perfect for my theme "Forever Fairy & Flower " :) 
I am designing new garments now. exciting!!


16 February, 2010

Fashion show at Ibiza

Fashion show at Ibiza in down town Seattle. with Andrea.
I couldn't recognize her. She look great at the show. (She was my TA last Spring quarter.)